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Who am I?

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As a little girl I was already crazy about animals. Even today my mum says that if there had been a lion in front of me I would have been devoured alive because I would have approached it without hesitation.

During my childhood, I cherished my guinea pig, gold fish, terrapins, cats and dogs. I kept snails, and saved dozens of the deer that my dad targeted during the hunt.

As an adult, I even crept down the highway, made a more than 6-mile detour, and looked for a safe and grassy area for a grasshopper (yes, it’s true! It had ended up on my windscreen, and I wanted it to have new ‘safe haven’!)

All that to tell you that I love animals, whatever shape or form. And, above all: I respect them.

I’m sensitive by nature. It makes me vulnerable, but I consider myself a fortunate woman: I’m able to perceive people more deeply, as well as the world around me, and I’m delighted to be highly intuitive.

0002 Resizè

Animal communication? To be honest, I had never heard of it.

One of my friends recommended that I try it when my cat Valdo, house trained, started peeing in our bed.

Of course, I could have scolded him, attributing it to jealousy or ‘revenge’ for leaving him at home while we were away for a week’s holiday. But I rejected these explanations because they seemed too simplistic.

The animal communicator I contacted described exactly the way Valdo used to behave with me (the description was spot on!). Then she explained that Valdo was peeing because it was desperately looking for its place. Bingo! Mirroring! At this time of my life, I was quite lost and didn’t really know what to do. For months, I had experienced subtle energies, and it was as if I took on a new lease of life, as simple as that. Of course, I was terrified. Can you imagine how difficult it can be to work in marketing for multinationals for years and then, one day, feel that the path leads you to… so radically different a field?

The animal communicator also passed on a message from our sweet Valdo: « You have a beautiful energy. You must trust yourself. Don’t have doubts, and explore this new field ».

Later, I kept hearing a small voice urging me to sign up for animal communication training. And I was interested, but I can’t say that I was absolutely convinced.

Anyway, I listened to my « Jiminy Cricket » and decided to do the training. And that was when the adventure started…

Naturally, there are detractors, like some members of my family. But it doesn’t matter. I continue. And I’m a happy human being. Happy to do it. Because I’m simply what I want to be.

Still here reading? Then perhaps this means that a part of you might believe.
So I want to thank you. Thank you for granting me your trust already.