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Here are some examples of what comes out of a communication.

As you can see animal communication isn’t just about pets but also about any other animal specie and for any type of communication. Whoever you are: individual, breeder, farmer, worker in a zoo, etc… you can request my help.

Communication with the horse Stella

Stella is a 26-year-old mare. Noémie is one of my good friends and asked me to communicate with Stella. She knows that Stella is old and she starts thinking about her mare’s end of life.
>>Communication with the horse Stella

Communication with the cat Isaho

Isaho is a 16 year old persian cat. Virginie R. is the owner. She called me and explained that Isaho used to be house-trained. Something has changed:  regularly her cat has been urinating in her little boy’s bed (two years old). She thinks she knows why Isaho behaves this way. She needs to get a validation through this animal communication.
>>Communication with the cat Isaho.