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Communication with the horse Stella

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Stella is a 26-year-old mare. Noémie is a good friend of mine and asked me to communicate with Stella. She is getting old, and Noémie has started to consider her mare’s end of life. Is it time to release Stella from her body? Would another winter be too difficult to bear for her? A difficult decision to make…

It’s too hard for me to start the communication at once: I have to admit that talking with an animal about its death is not what I enjoy doing, especially when I know the animal… so I drag my feet and decide to postpone this communication…. But one month later, while I’m reading in bed, Stella decides to initiate contact with me (I mean “telepathically”) and starts talking with me.

Stella tells me that she knows that her life is coming to an end, but she is really serene about it. She tells me that she will pass away naturally.

I tell Stella about the abattoir (someone explained to me that this is standard practice with horses – terrible isn’t it?!), and she tells me: “Definitely not!”. And she explains to me that she doesn’t want to inflict this on Noémie.

Stella is quite aware that the way she wants to « leave » will create logistical issues, but it doesn’t matter.

When I ask Stella when it will happen, I can see a field full of green grass, with pretty flowers gently ruffled by a light breeze. I guess that it is summer time. I ask Stella « July? August? ». July is highlighted.

She tells me that it will happen in the field, at night, and that she won’t suffer.

Stella also has a message for Noémie. It concerns a family dispute Noémie is going through. Stella wants to tell her that things will be resolved, but that it will take some time. The person she has the conflict with will understand that she cannot stand by her convictions, and will decide to move on.

Stella adds that Noémie mustn’t doubt her path. She has to go on, by hook or by crook. Her choices are the right ones. Even if her relatives might be unhappy about her decisions, they will never feel resentment or hatred towards her, because all that Noémie does will be done honestly, from the heart. Which means that everything will be understood and accepted.

Stella passed away on July 21st, as she had told me.

Noémie found her in the field, at 6 a.m.

It was really warm that day. Leaving Stella in the sun for too long was impossible. Despite her sadness, Noémie had to find a solution pretty quickly. Oddly enough, Noémie met someone she hadn’t seen for ages. This man put Noémie in touch with one of his acquaintances who was able to come and take Stella’s body away at once. Everything fell into place, as if by magic…

Two months later, the painful dispute Noémie was going through calmed down, and a more serene relationship started.

On july 21st evening I communicated once again with Stella. A wonderful message full of love for Noémie. But this is another story…