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Very soon all your questions will be answered here!

What kind of animal are you able to communicate with?

Any animal is a thinking being, wise as well as smart. That’s why I can communicate with any species, from pets to wild or farm animals.

Can animals anywhere in the world communicate with you, whatever the language is?

Yes! It isn’t about the language! It’s about telepathic perception.

Why would I use an animal communicator?

First, if you tell your animal something, you won’t get his/her thoughts. It’s a one-way conversation.
Thanks to an animal communicator, you can get numerous answers from your animal: is he/she fine? Is the last food adjustment okay? Does he/she feel specific emotions he/she wants to share?
You may have noticed a strange behavior and you want to understand what happens in order to solve the issue.
An animal communicator can inform your animal about coming family/household changes. To tell him/her about a moving, a new born arriving at home, holidays scheduled, whatever.
Getting your animal perspective when you’re going through difficult times and don’t really know which decision to make is really interesting and rich too.
An animal communicator can give you information he/she had from your animal about his/her end of life. Of course you will be the one who makes the final decision (and no one else), but you’ll consider your animal point of view too.
A conversation with your animal who has passed on is another possibility as well.